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We are the AurumPharm project, a division of AdAurum focused on the pharmaceutical industry.
The AdAurum company deals with online advertising. It has its own solutions in the field of advertising management systems. An important direction of the company is work with thematic resources.
AdAurum has its own platforms, as well as undertakes the management of partners' resources in various topics. Pharmacology is allocated as a separate subdivision.

Fields of concern

We have extensive experience in various therapeutic areas and promotion channels:
From OTC medicines and dietary supplements to prescription drugs, medicines and medical devices, medical equipment and medical centers.
We also specialize in working with distribution companies representing and promoting pharmaceutical products.


Strong expert knowledge of the market
Personalized service
Integrated tools program
Thorough analysis of traffic and conversions
Weekly reports on performance indicators and all-inclusive reports at the end of the advertising campaign
Excellent technical basis

Working structure

We select a network of thematic and close thematic sites
We collect audience data
We use third-party DMP and FDO
We place native formats in the articles on related subject
We connect advertising via SSP (Yandex, OEM, etc.)
Working structure
We select a network of thematic and close thematic sites
We collect audience data
We place native formats in the articles on related subject
We use third-party DMP and FDO
We connect advertising via SSP (Yandex, OEM, etc.)
A personalized approach in the planning of the advertising campaigns

Our approach

We carry out goods assessment
We select the appropriate tools
We supplement computer logic with human hands

Native advertising placement on a network of sites

Search for relevant content
Targeting by keywords

Native advertising formats

The feature of native formats is embedding into the page content. Such advertising cannot be unnoticed and 100% is in sight of the site. The advantage of this format is a good targeting, because it is shown to the people interested in the topic.

Banner in the text

A banner or text and graphic item built into the page content. An advertising block is placed inside the text, so the user sees it when reading the article. Interactive elements can be placed on the ad unit. It is suitable for the same tasks as the classic media advertising, but gives a better result due to the embedding into the content. Depending on the objectives of the advertising campaign, both the main brand metrics and performance objectives can be raised.
Video built in the content, but not the subject to stop on. It can be placed either inside or immediately after the article. First of all, it increases the products recognizability. For a successful advertising campaign, digital integrations like buttons are added. Such additions also increase the advertisement click through rate.

Video in articles

Video inside video

A video that is placed inside another video. When viewing the content, the user won't be able to completely miss this format. This kind of advertising is similar to the industry's familiar television ads, but differs by the targeting ability.
Inside the page with the content is a picture on the subject inverting when mousing on it. In this case, the image is replaced by an advertising banner. As a trigger for flip, a certain point when scrolling can be used. The format has a good ctr and also a positive effect on brand awareness.

Inversed image


Format placed after the main content. Users who have already read the information they are interested in, are shown materials on the subject of the article. It looks like a recommendation on the subject, but does not distract from the main content, and appears during the search for more information on the subject.
A data management platform allowing to collect, process and store all types of audience data
To collect information on a target audience, we use data from our partners. Websites collect information about their visitors all the time. This data is collected into audience segments and allows targeting ads to interested users.
(fiscal data operator)
The intermediary between the cash register users and tax authorities
We use data based on information from online cash registers. The information from the receipts is correlated with the banks data and stored anonymized. As a result, we obtain data on the purchases that can be used in advertising.

Connecting advertising through SSP

SSP is an IT platform representing the sellers interests and provides potential customers with product/service information.
What is that
The goal of the SSP is to sell a product/service at maximum value. Based on audience data, we further target ads to potential customers
Based on audience data, we further target ads to potential customers. Then the ad campaign is spun through the usual SSP channels like Yandex, OEM, etc.
How it work

We invite sites to connect to our network.

Own a visited Internet resource and looking for the new ways to generate income? In that case we will be glad to offer you our partnership
Launch of conventional advertising spaces on the previously not covered advertising formats
Growth in income without harming other sources and general traffic
High CTR and prestigious advertisers

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